Testimonials are the perfect way to learn about a church.

Check out a few of the testimonials that have been submitted by actual people who are currently attending or have attended MyChurch in the past.  Because we serve many military families, we see them come and go, but they never leave without our love a prayers going with them.

“We have been a part of MyChurch for 1.5 years. It has completely changed our lives! Sadly we are moving to Michigan, but we wanted to share how much MyChurch has brought us closer to God than ever before, we are so grateful for that! We pray that we can find a church family in Michigan as great as MyChurch has been to us.”
Jon & Alyssa Ring
“The brief 8 months that Jennifer, Chase, Dylan and I spent as a part of MyChurch impacted our lives forever. It was a tremendous blessing that I cannot begin to describe. “
Joshua Rapp
“Mark and I have been attending MyChurch since 2012. We love that we can be sitting in the back of the auditorium and count on our fingers the number of people that are older than we are. We believe that it is critical to reach the younger generation and we love the way that MyChurch is doing it not just talking about it.”
Sandy Ellingson, Local Church Connection
“Our son is in the military and attends MyChurch. We love to attend with him when we are in town. Our son was not involved in church when he was at home but has found his way back to God through the ministry of MyChurch to the military at Fort Benning. We are grateful for a group of people who care about our service men and their eternal salvation.”
Marvin L., Retired
I do not attend MyChurch but I live in some apartments where MyChurch members came and helped our children with school supplies. I am not a church going person, but these people really seemed to care about us and they were not pushy about religion. I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who helped provide the supplies for our kids.
Mary S.

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