Guest Blogger: Sandy Ellingson

Music really is a universal language. No matter where you go, if there is music within the hearing range of a human being, then there is a toe tapping, a hip swaying, or a hand clapping. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, your age, your language or your ethnicity. Music moves the soul.  Is it so surprising then the role that music plays in worship.  I can’t image being in a worship service without.

With that said, there are many types of music and in the world of the “church” some types can be controversial. Have you ever wondered about “church music?”

Here’s what I think:

It’s not the beat of the music or the instruments that are being played. It is not even the person singing or playing it.  What it comes down to is the content. I love all types of music….well…let’s say I tolerate country….but that’s another story. What defines whether I can worship with a particular song is the words it may contain.  Just like with the messages we listen to and the books we read, we have to make sure that the content lines up with what pleases God.

So guess what? If there is a “non-church” song where the message does not contradict anything that pleases God, then I can even worship with that.

At MyChurch you will find a praise band that plays contemporary music.  This works for us. Sometimes it is loud with a strong beat and sometimes it is softer, quieter, and allows us to feel and be inspired. Sometimes, you may even hear a non-church song or two. That does not mean that churches that choose to play traditional hymns are wrong, or better, or even different from the stand point of worship.

The goal of music is to inspire you so that you can connect with God. You choose which type is right for you.