Giving Transition

MyChurch is migrating to a new giving platform called PushPay. Not only will the new platform save us a significant amount in bank fees, but it will also enable members to stay connected to our message through our MyChurch Columbus App. Download our new app If you are a recurring [...]

You Asked For It

Do I have to go to church to make God happy? I’ve done some bad things…REALLY bad things. Does God still love me? Do I have to believe everything the Bible says to go to Heaven? Why does God let bad things happen to nice people? My life sucks right now. Am I [...]

The Ring’s Story

The MyChurch Family is saddened to see another one of our amazing families move on to another location to serve the Lord.  Jon and Alyssa and their kids have been a joy to get to know and to serve the Lord with in our city. Recently we received this message from Alyssa: We [...]

The Rapp’s Story

A Letter from the Joshua Rapp Family to MyChurch: First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for how incredibly much MyChurch blessed my family. The brief 8 months that Jennifer, Chase, Dylan and I spent as a part of MyChurch impacted our lives forever. It was a [...]

What Stage Are You At?

Researching or Investigating When life is going great many of us have very little thoughts of God or church. But when life starts to get messy, it makes us aware of the need for someone or something bigger, wiser, and more powerful than we are. Actually God designed us this way.  Sometimes without [...]

Music Brings Us Together In Celebration

Guest Blogger: Sandy Ellingson Music really is a universal language. No matter where you go, if there is music within the hearing range of a human being, then there is a toe tapping, a hip swaying, or a hand clapping. It doesn't matter what country you live in, your age, your language or your [...]